The Cryoscience Arctic is a whole body experience in an intense cold chamber in which nitrogen cooled air blows on the body for up to 3 minutes. With our CryoScience Arctic, you can easily transition from full-body, head-enclosed cryotherapy to shoulders down cryotherapy with a push of a button. The Cryoarctic only uses cryogenically cooled air so the client never comes in contact with harmful nitrogen gas. The chamber is big enough to move around and can accommodate up to a 6’9 person.  Temperatures can get as low as -220 degrees Farenheit. Its recommended to use the beginner setting for first time users which may start at -160degrees Farenheit. The CryoArctic is rated the safest cryo chambers on the market passing.

What is the Benefit?

Whole body cryotherapy is used to relieve symptoms of inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, and pain in chronic injuries. It has been shown to boost nutrient rich blood speeding up the recovery process. When combined with training, whole body cryotherapy enhances an athletes’ performance by stimulating anti-inflammatory’s like norepinephrine. Cryotherapy can increase endorphins which are a mood elevator and can reduce stress.

What to Expect?

Come in minimally dressed (bathing suit, socks, beanies, masks, etc.) for about 3 minutes of exposure to dry air at -160 to -220 degrees Fahrenheit. Cryogenically cooled air is blown in to the chamber that is safe to breath. It IS very cold. There are Bluetooth speakers in the chamber that help distract you from how cold you are. Pick your own music and watch the overhead timer count down from 3 minutes. If at any time you want to be finished, just open the door and step out.