Personal Training

What is Personal Training ?

A certified BEST Performance personal trainer will customize a fitness routine based on your personal goals. This could include health benefits for cardiac rehabilitation or to build muscles or to reach your weight goals. If you are someone that is recovering or has just recovered from an injury, you may be hesistant to return to your prior exercise regime. A BEST trainer will customize a program built around your injury in order to return you to your goals safely. The trainer works closely with your physical therapist in order to ensure nothing in the routine will harm you or jeopardize your recovery. Training sessions take place in the BEST performance facility.

What to Expect?

Come dressed in athletic or comfortable clothing. Bring water and make sure to eat something light beforehand. You will meet with the trainer and discuss your personal goals. The trainer will then design a routine based on your goals and time allotment. This may include cardio, strength training and stretches.  The trainer is NOT a dietician or nutritionist and it would be out of his/her scope of practice to advise you on diet.