Normatec Recovery System &
Squid Compression System

What is Normatec Recovery & Squid Compression System

Upper and Lower limb compression sleeves that operate by inflating and deflating a series of zones. Uses mechanical force from a pump that intermittently exerts external pressure on a body part (i.e., increasing hydrostatic pressure, milking effects on fluid). The device typically includes a chambered sleeve wrapped around the involved limb, with or without ice, and an electric pump. We do offer two types of vasopneumatic compression.  We offer Normatec Recovery Systems and the Squid System. The Squid system consists of compression wraps paired with ice cold gel packs. This system drives the ice deep in to the joints, and you see a reduction of swelling and pain in less than 15 minutes.

What is the Benefit ?

The Normatec Recovery Boots are thought to enhance muscle recovery and improve flexibility following high-intensity exercise by increasing blood lactate clearance. The Squid Compression is multi-chambered wraps with sequential compression driving cold deep in to the area covered. It increases circulation, directs edema away from the limb to towards the heart to be flushed out of the body. Offers 4 levels of compression with cold gel packs that form to the area to be treated.

What to Expect?

15 – 30 minutes of fluctuating inflating pressures (20 – 100 mmHg) to a series of zones in the lower limbs with the Normatec boots, to the upper limbs with the Normatec sleeves, or to a localized area with the Squid Compression. You can wear any attire as the wraps can be applied over clothing. You will have the choice to lay down or recline in a chair.