Graston Technique

What is the scraping with the tools?

This is called Graston Technique and it is a form of manual therapy known as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization(IASTM).
There are 6 core tools made of stainless steel which have beveled edges. These tools scan over and detect areas of injury, adhesions or areas of ‘muscle tightness’. The technique is focused on increasing blood flow to the area in order to initiate and promote healing of soft tissues.

What are the benefits?

The goal of this technique is to reduce your pain and increase function by:

  1. Breaking down scar tissue and fascia restrictions
  2. Reducing restrictions by stretching connective tissue
  3. Promoting a better healing environment for the injured tissue

Why is it important to reduce restrictions and break down scar tissue?

By reducing restrictions and breaking down scar tissue, it will improve range of motion and allow you to move more efficiently.

How does it promote a better healing environment for my injury?

Graston Technique allows for increased blood flow to the injured area, which leads to increased oxygen supply to the muscles and other soft tissue and increases healing nutrients to the site. Ultimately, it can reduce healing times.