Assisted Stretch

What is it?

BEST Assisted Stretch is when a BEST performance specialist manually takes your body through a series of stretches while you are comfortably relaxing on a table. These stretches target tight or shortened muscles and tissue. The purpose is to elongate the tissue, reduce muscle soreness, reduce stiffness, and increase mobility and range of motion. This will assist in faster recovery time, reduce risk for injury, improve sports performance and reduce pain.  BEST assisted stretch takes the guess work out of figuring out what needs to be stretched and allows a professional to guide your body through the restrictions.

What to expect:

Appointments are 25 minutes. Please arrive on time. You may be asked to warm up by riding the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill. Wear comfortable stretchy clothes. The BEST performance specialist will find out if there are any injuries you may have, if there are any areas of concern and what your goals are. You will lay down on a treatment table and be guided through each motion. There may be times a specific technique will be employed in which you will be asked to hold against resistance in order to reach a deeper stretch.